Project researchers’ visit to the archives in Vinkovci

Robert Skenderović, PhD (project leader) and Anđelko Vlašić, PhD (project researcher) visited the town of Vinkovci November 15-18, 2016, within the scientific project of the Croatian Science Foundation “From Virgin Forests to Ploughlands: History of Anthropization of Forests of Slavonia from the Middle Ages to the Beginning of the 20the Century”. Skenderović and Vlašić researched in the Archival Collection Center in Vinkovci (part of the State Archives in Vukovar).

The aim of this research was to locate archival material relevant to the needs of the mentioned project, especially the material on the Brod Estate community. During their archival research, the project researchers found valuable material that will be used for the production of scientific articles concerning the history of Slavonian forests in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Project researchers also attended the scientific conference on the Croatian writer and woodsman Josip Kozarac, “Knjiški Krnjaš II”, which was dedicated to the 110th anniversary of death of Josip kozarac. The conference was held under the auspices of the Center for Scientific Work of the Croatian Academy of Sceinces and Arts in Vinkovci and the Vinkovci Municipality, in the Memorial House of Ivan Kozarac in Vinkovci.