Presentation of project researchers at the IUFRO conference in Freiburg

A research done by researchers on the project “From rainforests to ploughlands”, Krunoslav Teslak, Karlo Beljan, Robert Skenderović and Milan Vrbanus, entitled “Historical forest management approaches and their influence on forest resistance to current natural hazards – a case study in Croatian beech-fir stands” was presented at the IUFRO scientific conference held in Freiburg, German, April 21-23, 2016. For more information visit:

The mentioned research concerns the historical impact of forest management on the present stability of forests. The presentation involved research of present characteristics of forests that have been managed through history by different owners (state, landlords, estate communities, etc.). Although the study was related to Gorski Kotar, through this research preconditions were created and perfected for the methodology of monitoring the state of forests throughout history regardless of the location. This is the reason why the mentioned research will serve as a base for exploring the history of forests of Slavonia.

Presentation held at the IUFRO conference