Presentation by Anđelko Vlašić at the Adriatic/Mediterranean Workshop

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences through its Center for comparative historical and intercultural studies and the Postgraduate doctoral studies of modern and contemporary Croatian history in the European and worls context organized a workshop entitled “Adriatic/Mediterranean Workshop 2017/2018: Culture and Nature in Adriatic/Mediterranean Studies”. The theme of the workshop was the question “How to evaluate Ottoman heritage in the Mediterranean and in Europe? Crucial questions of approach”. The workshop was organized in cooperation with the Badisches Landesmuseum in Karlsruhe.

Project member Anđelko Vlašić (PhD) held a presentation entitled “Past, current and future research on the history of Ottoman Slavonia”, within which Vlašić talked about the research of the state of the forest fund and about other apsects of the environmental history of Slavonia during Ottoman rule (16th and 17th centuries).

Below are the text of the presentation and the program of the workshop.


Vlašić – Past and current research on the environmental history