Lecture of project researcher Anđelko Vlašić at the conference in Szigetvár

Anđelko Vlašić (Phd), researcher on the scientific project of the Croatian Science Foundation “From Virgin Forests to Ploughlands: History of Anthropization of Forests of Slavonia from the Middle Ages to the Beginning of the 20the Century”, held a lecture at the “Mindennapok az oszmán korban” conference (Daily Life in the Ottoman Period), which was held on October 25, 2016, in Szigetvár, in Hungary. The conference was organized by the Hungarian project “Zrínyi-Suleiman thematic route development in the cross-border region”:


Anđelko Vlašić held a lecture entitled “The role of Osijek and its environs in the Ottoman Szigetvár campaign of 1566″. Vlašić talked about the role of forest areas surrounding Osijek and throughout eastern Slavonia and Syrmia in the logistics of the Ottoman Szigetvár Campaign in 1566. Vlašić highlighted the importance of the mentioned forests for the success of the Ottoman campaign.